Chairman's Message

Community Outreach


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season and are looking forward to a new and exciting year for the Phoenix Chapter of ASIS International.


Let me begin by thanking our outgoing Chair, Joel Otting, CPP for his leadership and guidance of the Chapter for the past two years.  During that time the Board has started several major projects which will be completed shortly and will greatly benefit our membership.  Joel is staying on the Board as our Membership Chair, so the first contact a new member will have will be with one of our most experienced and dedicated leaders.


I also want to thank all the previous Chapter Chairs that have held this daunting position in years past.  Over the 20 years of my ASIS membership, their mentoring and counseling have helped me substantially grow, both professionally and personally.  I am honored that many of them still serve on our Chapter Board, and will work hard to continue their tradition of honorably serving our membership and the interests of ASIS.


You will notice that our newsletter this month is smaller than usual.  One of the major projects initiated by the Board last year was the purchase of a new membership software platform, which is currently in its implementation phase.  Provided by a company named StarChapter, this new platform will serve as the foundation of the Chapter communications and membership services we provide.  You will soon see a new look and operational feel on everything from our website to our e-mails to our event registration and everything in between.  I know that once fully operational, this platform will streamline many of our processes and make it easier for members to do just about everything with the Chapter.  After the implementation phase is over, you will again see our award-winning Desert Sentinel newsletter in its full glory.  And many thanks to Jerry Higginson, CPP PCI (and past Chapter Chair) for returning to the Board to be our Newsletter Chair.


The Phoenix Chapter Board of Directors has a simple mission – to constantly seek ways to enhance the value that it provides its members.  This year will see a number of new enhancements and improved services, including:


  • The previously mentioned membership software platform, which will bring with it a new website, newsletter, e-mails, event registration, payment processing, and much more
  • Monthly luncheons with expert speakers, but now in a variety of locations and venues throughout the Valley
  • New educational opportunities, in addition to our respected CPP certification review course
  • New, interesting and fun networking events
  • And a new web-based video conferencing system, allowing members to remotely view select Chapter trainings and events, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection


And don’t forget about the rest of our valuable line-up –


  • Our highly anticipated annual Southwest Security Conference, scheduled for May 12, 2017
  • Our annual fall Golf Outting, and a new, second golf event to coincide with the Southwest Security Conference in May
  • Our annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon, with law enforcement officers and their leaders from all over the state of Arizona
  • Field trips to interesting venues
  • Special events held by various committees
  • Community outreach events
  • ASIS Foundation college scholarships
  • Employment postings
  • Legislative information
  • Security Professional and Security Officer of the Year Awards
  • Our annual holiday luncheon
  • And much more…


If you have not already, please join or renew your membership with ASIS International at


And once that is done, you may join or renew your membership with the Phoenix Chapter at  For only $40 a year, your Phoenix Chapter membership will provide discounted prices at almost all our events and trainings.  Attendance at only a few events can quickly pay for your Chapter membership, so it is well worth the cost.


The Phoenix Chapter of ASIS International is one of the most active, respected and awarded chapters in the Society.  But it takes the ideas and dedication of many to keep our Chapter alive and thriving.  With 37 separate positions on our Board, and even more on its various committees, there is always a spot for those who want to serve the Society and our Chapter.  If you can teach, speak, organize, collaborate, mentor, or lead, we can use your talents.  Please contact me if you would like to join us on the Board, in a committee, or in any capacity.


The companies and people which we as a Society help protect are subject to new and more complex threats than ever before.  Only through collaboration, perpetual education, and dedicated resolve can we stay ahead of those who try and harm us.  I am honored to serve with all the members of ASIS International, and if you are not yet a member, I ask you to come join us.


Have a safe and prosperous 2017.





Jordan Coté, CPP

Chairman – ASIS Phoenix Chapter



The Sojourner Center and the ASIS Phoenix Chapter have been long time community partners and the center is one of the beneficiaries of the Chapter’s annual golf outing.  Sojourner is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States. They provide secure shelter along with a multitude of services to women, children and their pets who are victims of domestic violence.


In the last year the ASIS Phoenix Chapter has been actively involved in volunteering at the center.  Chapter members have participated in organized events to repair and upgrade CCTV equipment along with volunteering for cleanup and organizing in their donation center.  In January, Melissa DiCesare, Corporate Relations Manager for Sojourner, reached out to our Community Outreach Committee to seek assistance with another project at the center.  She related that the Sojourner Center was organizing a volunteer weekend February 18th, 19th and 20th to clean up and organize their donation center.  She requested that we cover one of the shifts schedule for that weekend.  The Community Outreach Committee immediately began recruiting volunteers to work Saturday, February 18th from 9am to noon.


When February 18th arrived approximately 30 volunteers reported to the Sojourner Center’s donation center.  Volunteers included ASIS Phoenix Chapter members, family members and co-workers.  Lesley Moore, Volunteer Program Manager at Sojourner, directed volunteers in cleaning, organizing, restocking shelves, moving stock, etc.  Volunteers worked over 3 hours making significant progress in the center’s goal of reorganizing the donation center over the weekend.  After completing their shift many members of the volunteer team gathered at Carolina’s for food, drink and networking.


The following week chapter members assisted the center again.  Continuing the CCTV project from 2016, Dave Toon of Enterprise Security and Stephen Oliva of Axis Communications installed a new video storage device for their CCTV system.  Toon and Oliva were able to provide the device to Sojourner at a deeply reduced price.

The Community Outreach Committee would like to thank all of those who volunteered to assist the Sojourner Center.  Over 100 hours of time was spent by chapter members and their associates in helping the center.


Phoenix Chapter, ASIS International, 3104 E Camelback Road #560 Phoenix, Arizona 85016